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Search engine optimization (S.E.O.)

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (S.E.O.) is the process of optimizing and promoting websites so that they rank well on large search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. It sounds fairly simple, but in fact can be very difficult. In essence, your website needs to better optimized than the vast majority of other websites in your industry to maintain top search engine rankings. Not just any marketing company can get you there. It takes a company with a lifetime of experience, resources and proven track record to get you where you want to be. At VSX Web Design, we guarantee the results of our search engine optimization. If for some reason we are unsuccessful in achieving the projected results, you simply don't pay for the service.

In an industry that taboos the phrase "results guaranteed", here's why we stand confidently behind our guarantee:

  • Simply because we can. Most companies in the S.E.O. industry have a habit of promising the world, but end up delivering less-than-satisfactory results. For this reason, most marketing companies will try to lock clients into a 6-month or 1-year contract, regardless of the performance of the website(s). Unfortunately, with this model, clients grow more and more frustrated over time upon not seeing the results they hoped for. Unlike the competition, we don't ask clients to enter into contracts because we sincerely believe that our success is only possible as a by-product of our clients' success.
  • We are more than a business. We are conscientious, caring contributors to the community in which we reside. Facilitating the success of other small businesses is a truly fulfilling act in itself, one which we value dearly.
  • Our main priority is to build & maintain strong, long term relationships with our clients.

Our search engine optimization (S.E.O.) process includes:

  • Discussing & understanding the S.E.O. requirements of each client
  • Researching relevant keywords in the given industry and then composing a strategy
  • Working closely with clients on selecting keywords and writing website content in a manner that is search engine friendly
  • Optimizing the website(s) & associated webpage(s)
  • Promoting the website(s) to search engines including Google, Bing & Yahoo
  • Regularly checking search engine rankings & making the necessary adjustments, when needed
  • Making sure your website places at the top of search engines

Over the last 12 years, VSX Web Design has proudly provided guaranteed search engine optimization services for clients in Hamilton and surrounding cities. For more information about our service offering, including search engine optimization, please contact us by phone, e-mail or fill out our online contact form. Additionally, we provide free on-site consultations as well as quotations.